A Photographer's Guide to San Diego

Photos by Joel Barhamand

Lyric at Park 12 resident artist William LeFevre shares his go-to spots to eat, drink and get inspired

Lyric at Park 12 resident artist William LeFevre made San Diego his home in 2002 and has since captured images of urban life from one end of the city to the other. Along the way, he’s discovered a number spots worth sharing — from the best chilaquiles to the most inspiring museums.

What do you love most about San Diego?
The location — the close proximity to Los Angeles and Orange Country as well as Tijuana and Valle de Guadalupe (Mexican wine country) — and of course, the sunny weather! 

What are your favorite restaurants?
Bleu Bohéme
for the Coquilles St. Jacques, and Ortega’s Mexican Bistro for the Poblano Queso Tacos

It’s time to get caffeinated – where do you prefer to refuel?
Lofty Coffee Company
– I always get the Nitro cold brew and Açaí bowl

You’re in need of a cocktail or meeting friends for a drink – where do you go?
Seven Grand
– for a Rye Manhattan 

Where do you like to have breakfast?
Breakfast Republic
has the best chilaquiles and fresh-squeezed orange juice

Where’s the best place to see great art?
The Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA)

Do you have a favorite guilty pleasure shop?
Red Brontosaurus Record Shop
for hard to find vinyl

Your favorite urban adventure?
Balboa Park
for the museums, restaurants, music, the zoo, and beautiful architecture

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